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Friday, December 06, 2019
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"I will give Thee thanks in the great congregation: I will praise Thee among much people."  Psalms 35:18

JUST SAYIN’ - Have you ever wondered what it is that some people are doing every Sunday morning why they are always late for church? Okay so here’s my 2 cents!  Because I seem to get these complaints! The ‘late comers’ have no regard for people’s time. Neither do they have any respect for the pastor.  (very distracting) I’m not talking about the person who is late once in a while, now. I’m talking about the persons who are late almost or every, Sunday.

You know why I know that they can do better?  Those same people are sometimes the first people to get to work. I’ve even had them say to me: “I’m always early for everything.” When getting to church late becomes a habit then you’re disrespecting the elders, the worship team, and all the people who are involved in the service.  Especially when you’re a member of the church, then this should be something that is the exception rather than the norm.

How would you feel if you were in charge, and people just waltzed in anytime they felt like it? When it comes to the things of God, sometimes we take too much of a ‘whatever’ attitude.  I guess because we feel that God can’t fire us, then it’s okay to just treat this any way we want.  If we keep turning up to work late this might result in discipline or even firing.  Why then can we not give God to same courtesy by getting to His house of worship on time?

For the persons who are perpetual late comers to church it’s time to turn over a new leaf. If you have kids to get ready, teach them to select their clothes on Saturday night so that everything can be prepared. You should also prepare your clothes from Saturday night.  Try them on to make sure that they still fit. Don’t wait till minutes before, the time for church to look for your clothes. Chances are there might be a button missing or some other distraction.

Do you think the devil wants you to go to church?  If he can’t stop you, then he will make sure you are late. You have an idea how long it takes to get ready and get to church on time, so take that into consideration. If it’s not okay for you to go to work late, then it’s not okay for you to go to church late either.  In our church there is a woman who is the number one complainer about those who come late, but she walks out before we are done!  Almost every single week!  -  M.S.

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